7 Must-Do Tips to Grow Your Business

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No one is born to be an entrepreneur. You may have planned on running a business, but probably have no experience in successfully growing one. Here are a few things that will helped keep the headaches to a minimum and keep future growth steady:

1. Know what your specialty is and stick to it.

Don’t try to be all things to all people. Those that do end up not being good at any one thing. It follow that offering too many services, products or varied markets can be a mistake. You need to focus on your true strength and stay away from what you may not be good at. Far reaching demands can create pressures for your team, your finances, and your whole company.

2. Stay focused on your end goal.

You should always approach growth strategically. Start with a multi-year business plan, measure results, and make changes when necessary. If you don’t set goals you won’t be able to measure progress. Having clear goals for the organization allows everyone in the team to measure results and be inspired.

3. People work for other people they care about.

Businesses need talented people to be successful. In many ways your business is team building and marketing that team within and outside the organization. You should always be trying to improve your team and make your organization more attractive to team members. True loyalty is a two way street that requires investment on both ends of the relationship. A Long serving and experienced staff will pay dividends to your company for many years to come.

4. Running a business is a skill just like any other.

Just because you are a good plumber, doesn’t mean you’ll be good at running a plumbing business. This is true for any profession. Growing a business requires a mind for business, and strong skills in a particular area of practice. Many aspects of business are critical to business success. These include: business processes, people management, billing and operations. Many smart and talented people get into business only to fail. You must look at any business through the lens of overall success, and not remain focused on only being good at your profession.

5. Your positive attitude will inspire others.

When you love what you do it shows through to everyone around you. The importance of Excitement and enthusiasm cannot be overstated. Your team will work harder, become more focused, and be more successful with positive minded leadership. This translates to a better end result. An unhappy person that leads through negative motivation, on the other hand, will create a challenging work environment.

6. Focus on always getting better.

The world we live in is changing every day. It is important to innovate if you want to remain relevant in any industry. You must always be looking at how you do things any why. Don’t become stuck in your ways. Look for ways to improve your end product, improve your skills, and become more efficient at what you do. Innovation and creative thinking are what ultimately keep you ahead of the competition and drive profitability.

7. Don’t expect customers to beat a path to your door.

When times are tough, many businesses look at marketing as an expense and try to cut back. There are many good ideas throughout history that lacked marketing support and failed. Many companies tried to rely exclusively on the strength of their product. Consumers can be fickle. They generally buy products that they have tried or have been referred to them by people they trust. You need to make sure your product is ready for retail and that strong consideration has been given to product marketing.

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6 New Business Start-Up Ideas for 2016

2016 is a great year to start a new business. Here are a few small business ideas that may inspire you to get started on your new path:

Commercial Cleaning

Janitorial businesses offer a great way to work off peak hours. Commercial cleaning is done at night, so It is a perfect compliment to other daytime activities. It also pays well, and has low start-up costs making it ideal for a business owner with a strong work ethic and desire to succeed.

Accounting, Bookkeepping & Payroll services

Accounting is complicated for the inexperienced. Many small business owners would prefer to have a professional handle these tasks. Every business in Canada needs accounting services. A business with a big business to business market, repeat clients, and high prices makes for a perfect small business opportunity for someone interested in establishing an accounting business.

Construction Equipment Rental

With Canada’s booming housing market and all the new constructions start-ups, there is an increased demand for equipment. Many small contractors and construction businesses can’t justify the expense of owning and maintaining the various equipment they need on a case by case basis. With interest rates at record lows, there is the opportunity to lease or finance equipment at discounted prices, and rent that equipment to the small businesses that need it. Once the equipment is paid for it can become a real long term cash generator for the rental owner.

HVAC Installation and Maintenance

Global warming is a generally accepted fact. The reality is that Hot or Cold, Canadians will always need HVAC equipment. As our summers get hotter, and winters more unpredictable, there are more opportunities for businesses in the heating and cooling installation and maintenance business. HVAC equipment needs professional installation, ongoing maintenance and eventual replacement, and as such is a great way to establish long term customer relationships and residual income.

Food truck

Food Trucks are the new hot trend in food service. They offer many advantages over opening a traditional restaurant, including lower start-up costs and overhead. In addition ot lower overhead, Food trucks are able to move around to different places, where demand is highest. A food truck doesn’t need to offer as large a selection as a restaurant, so operators can really concentrate on what they are best at.

Apps for Children

There is always a demand for innovation in education. With the increasing popularity of mobile devices, and the app-stores they offer, small business owners can leverage a great app idea into a hit. The children’s education category offers a unique opportunity to make software that qualifies as educational and offers a great opportunity to maximize return on investment.

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New Funding for 2 Cape Breton Microbreweries

Two Cape Breton microbreweries have landed $436,000 in federal money.

Mark Eyking, MP for Sydney-Victoria, announced that the federal government, will be investing in support of construction, development and expansion projects.

Big Spruce Brewing is receiving a repayable investment of $350,000 to support the construction of an additional 1,500 square metres of building space at their facilities located in Nyanza, Cape Breton.
This project will also assist with the purchase of new incremental processing equipment and the installation of an innovative product containment system. The brewery focuses on organic ales with ingredients sourced locally.

Breton Brewing Co. is receiving a repayable investment of $86,000 to support the installation of two new fermenting tanks and a canning line for packaging at their microbrewery in Sydney. This equipment will assist Breton Brewing in keeping up with consumer demand and allow finished products to be sold more easily to second-party vendors. Breton Brewing previously received federal funding, for the establishment of its microbrewery.

The craft beer industry in the province saw sales grow by 25.1 per cent this past year, spurred by 23 local microbreweries.

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