Canadian Small Business Grants Help Small Businesses

According to Statistics Canada, roughly half of employed citizens in Canada work for small to medium sized businesses. When new companies are launched each year, it is no doubt a great importance for Canadian job prospects. These new companies are key to driving economic development and demand special attention from government organizations to continue to add jobs, develop local communities and grow not only the local economy, but the national economy as well.

In open economies, the local, provincial and national governments for a country are key to playing a pivotal role in removing any obstacles to starting and operating a brand new business. According to international data, Canada is the second easiest country to start a business out of 189 countries surveyed. On the other end of the spectrum, Canada is ranked 14th in business competitiveness, among 144 countries reviewed by the World Economic Forum.

Like many first world nations, Canada, offers small and medium sized business a large selection of government funded grants and loans in order to aide them maintain growth and prepare for further funding if needed. This approach is not universally accepted, and has been scrutinized on many occasions.

Why should small and medium size business be cautious when trying to obtain government funding?

Research has shown that the world over, government struggle with the severity of restrictions they place on startups trying to obtain R&D funding. Usually these restrictions are put in place to block overseas income of government-funded research and development activities. Governments are trying to keep projects funded within the country, but by doing so, may scare off foreign investment. Small and medium sized businesses who receive government funding have a lower likelihood in obtaining foreign investment.

Why should small and medium sized business obtain government funding?

Local and national Canadian governments plan to renew Canada’s reputation as an innovation hub. In order to accomplish this, they will have to match what other countries are doing with balancing local and foreign investment and increasing current local and national funding programs.

Canada contains an environment with resources available to create the perfect storm for companies to setup shop, complete with large opportunism to secure government grants and loans at all levels of government.

Hundreds of start ups have grown out of incubators to become industry leaders. Innovation has grown from unusual Canadian regions like Northumberland Ontario to the usual places like Waterloo. In addition, not-for-profit organizations are lauching all over Canada to increase entrepreneurship in young people. Students all over Canada are enjoying working for start ups today, and you can search at the cores of these business and find a government grant that funded its growth.
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