Canadian Grants Business Center reports on Community Funding

British Columbia November 3rd, 2015

Two mission projects are among the 385 that are part of the Aviva Community Fund competition Canada.

The vote for the Aviva Community Fund in 2015 ended Saturday, with people voting online for projects designed for positive change in the communities across Canada. The ideas every fall in at least one of three categories: Community resilience, community health, and community development. There are two funding levels: less than $ 50,000 and between $ 50,000 and $ 100,000. The finalists will be announced today, November 3rd,2015.

The two projects of the mission are Acres Emma and Waterfront Acres Eco-Education Centre on the Lake of Hatzic.

Acres Emma is an enterprise of the agricultural social enterprise in the mission managed by the Company.  CLIC employs victims and survivors of crime, ex-offenders and offenders. Vegetables, herbs and fruits are grown naturally without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers on property leased by the District of CLIC Mission.

With 4.5 acres cleared so far and two greenhouses heated 95-by-36-foot up, Emma Acres will be the first year small farm lot more in the community. It sells locally at farmers market Mission City Farmers Market in Deroche and locales.Certains products companies are also donated to non-profit corporations in the mission, including food banks and community kitchens. Proceeds from sales Acres Emma goes to finance the work of CLIC Society in the community, particularly its work with Emma grave.

Acres crime survivors wants to improve its drip irrigation and obtain electricity on the site, so that it can construct a cold storage facility. Should be amended with lime, compost and manure to stimulate the production of the soil, It will cost about $ 45,000.

Eco-Waterfront Educational Centre is offered at Camp Luther Hatzic Lake. Camp Luther has a long history of running camps, summer events for children and groups hosting guests since 1950. “We like to get people in the while enjoying the natural world community. Unfortunately, while the institution sees thousands of visitors each year, the property was not a safe area outside for people to use and enjoy nature and its surroundings during bad weather ” said the counsilor.

The project goal is to build a closed eco-education center sheltered waterfront as an important step in education and promotion of wildlife and the environment.